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(2577) So – Arun Prasad (2492)
World Juniors (ch) 2008
Position after 27…(e7)e8
28. f5 ♕c7
29. g3 ♖g8
30. ♖b3 . . .
Engines suggest the more obvious 30.♖c3 as somewhat stronger. With both players now down to single-digit minutes on their clocks, Wesley tries the alternative in an apparent ploy to make his opponent ponder a little more with the variation.
30 . . . ♗c8
31. f6 a5
32. ♕b5+ ♗d7?
Under time pressure, this natural-looking defense quickly ends the game in white’s favor, whereas 32…♔d8 may harbor chances to hold.
33. ♕b8+ ♕d8
Position after 34…(c7)d8
34. ♕a7
Black cannot parry the crushing 35.♖b8 with mate or heavy loss of material looming.

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