As expected, top seed Wesley So came through victorious in the ‘C’ Group of Corus 2009 after an empathic penultimate round conquest of Swedish GM Tiger Hillarp Persson in a showdown of frontrunners.

He is now a full point ahead of surprise second placer, the newest and youngest grandmaster Anish Giri, who still has a chance of sharing first place with one round left to play.

Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break

In breaking the deadlock using their Sonneborn-Berger scores, the best case final round scenario that would all favor the Nepalese-Russian will be as follows:

Corus C-Group
Round 13 – February 1, 2009

So (0-1) Howell
Harika (0-1) Giri
Bosboom (1-0) Hillarp Persson
Leon Hoyos (0-1) Gupta
Holzke (1/2) Romanishin
Iturrizaga (ANY) Pruijssers
Bitalzadeh (ANY) Nijboer

But even with such set of results occurring, Wesley would still edge out Anish by a fraction, 54.25 against 54.00 in their SB.

A bit of an anticlimax to a fortnight of exciting display of chess, but in any case we congratulate the duo for their achievements.