This upstart kid who found himself being the top seed (to a large extent due to a juiced up elo) among a lower group of an invitational chess tournament somewhere in wintry Europe, defied the odds by winning his first round match against another grandmaster.

Handling the black pieces rather imperfectly, he was pretty much in danger of dropping the point throughout the most part of the match in which both players nearly exhausted their allotted times to complete their moves… when the unexpected happens. In a single push, white blew his chances and resigned (clearly not because of his opponent as both were scrambling for time) after over five dozen moves.

Sheer luck for this fifteen-year old to claw his way out of time trouble and win, but I wouldn’t bet on it happening again — not unless he plays perfect. He can’t possibly steer all his games towards blitzville with such confidence, can he?

Game Replay