Who among the Philippine chess players gained the most ELO points in the 4th quarter of 2008 but whose name was not included in FIDE’s latest Country Top List for January 2009?

The Answer:

Chardine Cheradee Camacho

Her exclusion from the January 2009 Top Women (PHI) list is probably caused by some bug in FIDE’s player database which incidentally is undergoing incremental upgrades for the past few months. Hopefully this can be corrected soon.

The newly-titled woman fide master gained some 67 points largely due to her splendid WIM-norm-performance at the Olympiad in Dresden. Her 2166 ELO should put her in third spot among Philippine Women for January 2009.

She has the makings of a female version of Wesley So and at the rate that she is improving, Cheradee may soon become the most successful Filipina chess player with a realistic goal of achieving a male IM title if she sets her priorities right.

Update (11 January):

FIDE mistakenly classified her among the males (that’s rignt, a “male” woman fide master) which prevented her data appearing from queried lists. We can’t really blame them since Cheradee’s surname sounded like, you know, “masculine”?!


January 2009’s Top FIDE Rated Females born in 1994:

player title fed elo +/-
Hou, Yifan wg CHN 2571 -7
Pustovoitova, Daria RUS 2314 +35
Nguyen, Thi Mai Hung wf VIE 2295 +172
Padmini, Rout wm IND 2249 +14
Arabidze, Meri wf GEO 2246 +64
Danelia, Mariam wm GEO 2219 +1
Yuan, Yuanling wf CAN 2205 +48
Camacho, Chardine Cheradee wf PHI 2166 +67
Shvayger, Yuliya wf UKR 2160 +8
Schut, Lisa NED 2138 -15

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