FIDE Top 20 Juniors – October 2008

Compared to the previous list, the top four remain intact but some major shuffling down the ranks. All of the top four actually did shed some points but still kept their places.

January 2009 FIDE Top 20 Juniors (projected list)

2776 CARLSEN Magnus (NOR)
2706 KARJAKIN Sergey (UKR)
2696 VACHIER-Lagrave Maxime (FRA)
2691 WANG Hao (CHN)

2650 RODSHTEIN Maxim (ISR)
2646 CARUANA Fabiano (ITA)
2628 LI Chao B (CHN)

2622 2627 SO Wesley (PHI)
2626 KUZUBOV Yurij (UKR)
2622 HOWELL David (ENG)
2614 ANDREIKIN Dmitrij (RUS)

2600 NEGI Parimarjan (IND)
2591 LE Quang Liem (VIE)
2587 ZHIGALKO Sergey (BLR)
2578 NGUYEN Ngoc Truong Son (VIE)

2571 HOU Yifan (CHN)
2569 GUPTA Abhijeet (IND)
2566 SARIC Ivan (CRO)

2564 ANDRIASAN Zaven (ARM)
2564 SAFARLI Eltaj (AZE)


Wesley’s January 2009 ELO officially stands at 2627 after the inclusion of the Pichay Cup results in the rating calculations. Thus, he is expected to occupy the premier position in the upcoming 2009 Corus-C. Also, occupying 18th slot is Hou Yifan who somehow got excluded on the initial FIDE list.

Grandmaster Wesley So continues his climb among the junior elite ranks. The projected January 2009 list places him in a tie for tenth ninth spot alongside England’s GM David Howell.

It’s quite a coincidence that Howell and So will sport the same rating since both of these two will be among the invitees to next year’s Corus-C where they would probably be sharing top seed status. Their exciting head-to-head battles are fairly well-known among us which should add a little more hype to this upcoming event.

Corus-C 2009 Participants (with projected updated ratings):

2622 2627 So
2622 Howell
2586 Hillarp Persson
2569 Gupta
2560 Nijboer
2542 Leon Hoyos
2533 Romanishin
2528 Iturrizaga
2524 Holzke
2473 Dronavalli
2469 Giri
2444 Pruijssers, R.
2418 Bosboom
2400 Bitalzadeh

The top seeds have to score no less than +4 (8.5/13) in order not to lose ELO points. A good half of the players listed above are quite capable of scoring at least a +7 (10.0/13) which may just be sufficient to win the event.