A few days after the FIDE deadline has passed with regards to the submission of tournaments for inclusion in the upcoming January 2009 list, we take a sneak peek at the projected top Philippine chess player rankings.


The screenshot above somehow validates the fourth quarter ‘drought’ on local events that was mentioned on a previous post a couple of weeks back. Worse, the above graphic would also indicate that the Pichay Cup, which was the second half of the twinbill international event staged last September, will also not be included in the rating calculations. Already bypassed for two rating periods are a couple other local events which was initially thought as being FIDE-rated, the Pichay Sr. Memorial and the Torre-Antonio match, and they would likely be dropped from the calculations as well. The Palma Open  seems to be the only foreign event that also failed to make the cut.


The 2008 Pichay Cup was officially included in the computations for the January 2009 list.

The 2008 Korea Open’s result for IM Sadorra is currently on hold probably due to the discrepancy in his submitted name for that tournament, and FIDE may eventually have to adjust his official rating to 2445.

I may have missed the inclusion of a couple more European and American  (list has been updated  as of 25 December) events wherein our vanguards have participated, but in any case here is how they would stack up with the current sorted data on hand:

(Pichay Cup result in parentheses)

2622 So (+5.5)
2560 Torre
2533 Gomez (+6.4)
2531 Paragua (+6.1)
2519 Antonio

2500 Laylo (+3.7)
2489 Nolte (-1.2)
2476 Salvador
2470 Gonzales (-1.9)
2461 Sanchez

2457 Bitoon (+15.9)
2457 Villamayor (+13.9)
2439 Sadorra (-0.1)
2438 Dableo (-6.4)
2435 Barbosa

Top 10 Average: 2517

Comparing this unofficial list with the today’s active list, Wesley dropped a few points but still surpassed the all-time best Philippine rating (held previously by Mark Paragua) and should be enough to gain a place among the world’s top ten juniors.