corsicamasters081Europe-based IM Joseph Sanchez participated in the Rapid Open Section (15m/3s) of the recently concluded Corsica Masters. This was the event where Gary Kasparov gave his latest simul.

Sanchez placed 10th with a final score of 7.5 points in eleven rounds. This served as a qualifier wherein the top 14 finishers along with seeded GMs Mamedyarov and Bacrot get into the knockout phase (16 players) vying for the masters title.

He won against GM Hamdouchi (2598) in the first round but lost to Bacrot in the quarterfinals. Mamedyarov went on to win the masters rapid title.

antonio08GM Rogelio Antonio, Jr. meanwhile is off to a flying start in his self imposed US tour. He led right from the start of the Universal Swiss Open (Michigan) on his way to sharing first place (+4 =2) with IM Ben Finegold.

He then proceeded to California and went on to win the L. A. Open (+3 =2), half a point ahead of IM Khachiyan, IM Sevillano and Cholo Banawa.