FIDE October 2008 Top Juniors
(Projected List)

2786 Carlsen
2730 Karjakin
2716 Vachier-Lagrave
2696 Wang Hao
2640 Caruana

2631 Mamedov
2622 Kuzubov
2622 Li Chao B
2616 Nepomniachtchi
2612 Zhou Jianchao

2610 So
2609 Rodshtein
2603 Andreikin
2597 Negi
2593 Howell

2592 Zhigalko
2591 Laznicka
2583 Le Quang Liem
2581 Fier
2581 Gareev

2580 Gupta
2578 Hou Yifan
2575 Khairullin
2571 Kovalyov
2569 Lenic

2568 Safarli
2567 Braun

Wesley was well tucked in on seventh spot at one point in the unofficial live rankings about a month ago. He sort of like swapped places with Li Chao after the conclusion of the 3rd PGMA Cup. Li had to hop on the next flight back home just before the start of the China-Russia match. He won his first round assignment against world #28 Alekseev.

It would seem inevitable that we shall be looking at an all-2600 Top Junior List in the not so distant future.


Minor changes in the lower half of the list as FIDE excluded the results of the Euro Continental Championship.