Projected October 1, 2008 FIDE Rating List

2610 So
2560 Torre
2526 Paragua
2519 Gomez
2515 Antonio

2507 Laylo
2489 Nolte
2471 Sanchez
2469 Gonzales
2468 Villamayor

2464 Salvador
2448 Dimakiling
2439 Bitoon
2438 Dableo
2435 Barbosa

2431 Sadorra
2424 Martinez
2413 Elorta
2410 Ballecer
2409 De Guzman

2401 Causo
2400 Nava
2398 Fernandez
2390 Vuelban
2386 Nadera

2386 Yap

2307 Pascua

The above list was made excluding two notable local events:

  • Torre-Antonio Match

Torre (-0.6)
Antonio (+0.6)

  • Pichay Sr. Memorial Cup

Paragua (+5.6)
Antonio (+1.4)
Nolte (-0.9)

IM Ricky De Guzman’s US campaign went unnoticed as he topped the Alan Benson round robin IM Tourney in San Francisco last month. Seeded second, he tallied seven wins and two draws, two points clear of the field.

Kim Steven Yap may soon find his way into the active list in his quest for back to back IM norms.  He is very much in contention to get his second the final IM norm requirement at the ongoing Pichay Cup.

Haridas Pascua has shown some of his game potential and is the most improved player in the third quarter of this year. He was quite obviously so ridiculously underrated at 2174.

(FIDE corrected his rating further down to 2171, and together with Chinese Li Shilong’s adjusted ELO from 2511 down to 2503, caused some incremental differences in the rating computations on some of the players which required subsequent adjustments.)