Here are the most notable ELO gainers and droppers in the third quarter, with about three weeks to go before the cut-off date for the October 2008 FIDE Listing.

Biggest Gainers:

+103.65 PASCUA Haridas
+47.70 GOMEZ John Paul
+41.10 SO Wesley
+38.85 YAP Kim Steven
+33.45 NAVA Roderick

Biggest Droppers:

– 43.70 GONZALES Jayson
– 29.40 SADORRA Julio Catalino
– 16.20 NOLTE Rolando
– 15.00 YOUNG Angelo
– 11.60 DIMAKILING Oliver

Haridas has his sights set on getting past the 2300 mark before the year ends. The North American Invitational series seems to be sapping Angelo Young’s ratings of late. I wonder if he’s getting any compensation for the slide in one form or another. Both Sadorra and Nolte will get their chances at retrieving back their lost rating points over at the Vietnam Open which starts today.