Final Standings:

10.0 Gupta
9.5 Negi
9.0 Braun
9.0 Safarli
9.0 Howell
9.0 Amin
9.0 Hou
8.5 So
8.5 Rodshtein
8.5 Nguyen
8.5 Melkumyan
8.5 Wen
8.5 Zhigalko
8.5 Sjugirov

Nineteen year-old GM Abhijeet Gupta relied on his experience and a late second half surge to capture the 2008 World Junior plum ahead of compatriot Parimarjan Negi. Gupta won his fifth straight game when it mattered most, ending Englishman David Howell’s rollercoaster run in another nailbiter that has become the trademark of this year’s tournament.

Negi’s championship chances likewise steadily evaporated as he couldn’t make any headway amid the complications as Arik Braun firmly stood his ground with white in a match that ended in a 44-move draw.