Standings after Round 10 of 13:

8.0 Rodshtein
7.5 So
7.5 Braun
7.0 Li
7.0 Howell
7.0 Safarli
7.0 Brkic
7.0 Nguyen
7.0 Gupta
7.0 Negi
7.0 Ramirez
7.0 Boros

Tie-break Leaders:

25619 Brkic
25484 Braun
25448 Safarli
25357 Li
25353 Howell
25134 So
25063 Rodshtein

Round 8: So – Sanikidze

Black seemed better after the opening but was a bit hesitant on making the exchange sac on d3. Had he done it a few moves earlier, he could have sustained the advantage. White managed to get some counterplay on Black’s kingside and after the eventual exchange of queens, the position seemed in equilibrium with Black having a knight and two pawns against white’s rook. Wesley missed a couple of chances in gaining the upper hand after a series of small inaccuracies by black, but he likewise could not find the right continuation on his 37th and 49th move. The truce came on the 60th in a rather exciting fashion.

Round 9: Kravtsiv – So

A breakthrough win for Wesley as black. A GM norm was on the line for the Ukrainian should he win, but his young opponent seemed well prepared as  Kravtsiv soon found himself in severe time constraint. He played the ending poorly as if he had put all the pressure on himself after a promising opening having the more active pieces.

Round 10: So – Howell

An exhausted Englishman was just not up to it against Wesley’s Ruy Lopez prep. Howell’s queenside counter was more like shooting blanks and was in serious time trouble (again) by move 20. His weakened kingside would soon crumble from Wesley’s methodical assault.