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Wesley So settled for a draw with black in his sixth round game against Armenian IM Melkumyan, missing a good chance of gaining considerable advantage on move 33 approaching the first time control.

Instead of a rook invasion to the a3 square, his knight captured an advanced kingside pawn on f6 which allowed his opponent to collar his bishop in compensation for three pawns.

With three consecutive draws and four points after six rounds, he remained within the pack chasing the front runners.

Standings after Round 6:

5.5 Li Chao B

5.0 Howell

5.0 Braun

4.5 Rodshtein

4.5 Hou

4.5 Gupta

4.5 Popov

4.5 Ramirez

4.5 Safarli

4.0 So, et al (19 Players)

Full Standings

After a neat positional win in round three by calmly repulsing Hungarian IM Boros’ pawn aggression, the fireworks in Wesley’s game came to fore against his opponents in the next three rounds, and somehow all of those games got down towards a peaceful settlement. He was fortunate enough to escape defeat with black in his pre-Corus C encounter with Mexican GM Leon Hoyos in the fourth, while his fifth round match against Costa Rican GM Ramirez came to an abrupt halt in a sharp struggle where the final position still seemed begging to be played out.

He is pitted against IM Arun Prasad of India on Friday just ahead of the one-day rest.

Haridas Pascua meanwhile has bounced back after posting his second straight win. He now has 3 points after six rounds and will handle the black pieces in his next assignment against another Indian IM, Kore Akshayraj.